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Get an Entertainer. Not a DJ.

A wedding entertainer is completely focused on weddings and all things that relate to unique experiences that define your wedding. A DJ will take the playlist you give them and play it without considering how they could have helped you. A wedding entertainer is, by nature, an event planner and coordinator and will come up with solutions to questions and concerns you might not have thought about otherwise. A DJ will do what you have told them to do and play the music you tell them to play.

Trust the Reviews

He helped us plan a wedding that was ours, not the “cookie cutter” idea of what everyone else thinks it should be. We were truly blessed and honored by the services that he provided us!

Jessica And David 2018

I’ve Never Seen Anyone Take Their Business As Seriously As You But Also Having The Most Fun At The Same Time! Our Guests Were Asking Us All Night If You Were Family They Hadn’t Met Because Of How Well You Knew Us And How Well We Got Along.

Brayden and Corrina 2018

Riley did such an amazing job at our wedding””He truly pours himself into his work and it shows! I’ll be recommending him to all my friends for their weddings!

Jaclyn and Tanner 2017

My Story

Striving for excellence.

Hi! I’m Riley. As I write this it’s the end of October 2018 and I just recently entertained guests at the wedding of two good friends of mine, Shelby and Quinn. This was the 23rd wedding I was a part of this year. Shelby and Quinn are important to my story because I didn’t know them a year ago (remember how I said they were good friends of mine?).

Friends not clients.

We met in Weyburn, SK at a quiet restaurant last winter after one of Shelby’s co-workers, the bride of another past couple I worked with and good friend of mine, heard she was getting married and told Shelby about how much fun we had making her wedding what it was. Amazing. We currently have plans to go bowling next time I’m in town and hopefully going skydiving next summer.

This is both what I do and who I am. I love making friends and making amazing moments that will be remembered forever. Sometimes it’s snowboarding in the mountains, sometimes it’s a motorcycle road trip across the country, sometimes it’s enjoying a music festival with 5 of my closest friends… most often it’s two friends of mine getting married. Would you like to join me?

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