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Feel special.

Making couples feel like family is what Always Wedding Entertainment is all about. Most couples wouldn’t invite a stranger to their wedding… so why would they hire one to represent them? We may be strangers at first but we definitely aren’t on their wedding day. ?

Feel relaxed.

With Always Wedding Entertainment you can trust that everything will be perfect. I do all the stressful stuff for you like coming up with contingency plans, keeping emergency kits ready for you, guiding the entire evening so you never have to think about whats next, etc.

Feel the energy.

With an extensive amount of planning and preparation going into every wedding I am part of there is always excitement around every corner. My aim is to never let your guests wonder when an appropriate time to leave is because they always want to see what is going to happen next!

A Moment You Won’t Forget

Which moment will be the one that makes your wedding perfect and a memory that will last a lifetime? Let’s find out now!


6 months… Thats a minimum for how much time is invested into the entertainment for a truly unique wedding. Planning every detail, scheduling everything, and being ready for every possibility is what makes a wedding AWEsome.


Every DJ can press play. I use my talents to do more with custom creative edits and an extremely experienced touch at picking the right song for the right moment. No autoplay here.


How many of your friends and family can say that they have been a Master of Ceremony for dozens of weddings AND been trained professionally how to do it right? No, really… I’m curious.


Who is going to be in charge of making sure everything is perfect at your wedding? Why not the person who helped plan everything and knows what is supposed to be happening at all times?

Wedding Ceremony Services

Full Ceremony Entertainment Planning
Professional Direction Of Your Rehearsal
Personalized & Unique Audio Editing
Remote Location Ceremony Support

Wedding Reception Services

Extensive Entertainment Planning
Trained Master of Ceremony
High Energy, Interactive DJing
Guaranteed Talent and Results

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